Where in the World is Wibaux Montana?

imagesCACU1INDThat was my first question too. I had made the decision to move a little farther North to be closer to my hubby who had been working in North Dakota. When our accountant found out, he asked me if I would be interested in managing a hotel he owned. As my background had been in lodging, I agreed to take a look and then the search began. Where in the world was Wibaux Montana?

My first step, as most computer literates will do these days, was to turn to Google for the answer. Wikpedia came up first with a pronounciation (Thank Goodness!) –Wibaux (pronunciation: WEE-boh) is a town in and the county seat of Wibaux County, Montana, United States.[2]

So, I could now pronounce Wibaux. I knew it was the easternmost town in Montana along I-94. There were even a few photos! I headed over to Google Maps next and I could tell that Wibaux was indeed located in Eastern Montana and practically sets on the North Dakota/Montana border.  My next step was to actually see the area.

I visited Wibaux for the first time in August. Nice looking little town. Hotel was in dire need of proper management (we’ll get to that in future blogs! Promise!). People were so friendly! We had lunch at the Shamrock and it was REALLY GOOD! There was a grocery store, convienance store and a brewery! Yes, I could make this work. Question? Did I want too?

I had a long conversation with the accountant/hotel owner. Of course my first question was – “What in the world made you buy a hotel in Wibaux Montana? (He lives in one of the most beautiful places in Colorado -Steamboat Springs) His answer was that the Wibaux area is in the Upland Game Bird Capital and he had been hunting here for over 20 years!

I went back to Colorado and decided that yes, I could do this. I could live in Wibaux, get the hotel in shape and see where we went from there.

Well here I am. I know where in the world Wibaux Montana is now. So I hope you will decide to find out where in the world Wibaux Montana is too! Whether you are hunting, working or playing, check out www.BeaverCreekInnandSuites.com!

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